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Schedule your Swap Party Today:

Why a Swap Party? Women and Men like to come together and experience

each other; feel and touch the products, and leave knowing that they had FUN and was worth the trip.  They will bring a bra or panti to swap for charity and purchase their FF Set.

What you get: Host will order their Package according to the size of their Party.                                                       Click Here for Kit Prices

Host will put Credit Card or Debit Card on file for issues and unexpecteds.

Host and host Team Members will download payment apps to phone (if they don't already have them)

Host or Team Members will process payments through brands tags and Host will get 35% to 50% of each sale.

Host will provide Party location, decor, and can use the Invites inside the Kit to promote party along with the other promoting options that Host will execute.                                                       Leave that lasting impression.

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