Butterfly Sleeve Dress
Elegant Jumpsuit Surprise Back
Frances Renee'
Long Jumpsuit SOLD
Red at its finest
Jersey Tube Dress with Top
organza tulle dress SOLD
#IGMFTWhite/brown trim
Niki Winter Style
Gold Green
TulleCoat Winter Style
Front Fit by Frances Renee'
Nissa Model
Silver Top and Skirt SOLD
Side Zipper Shirt
Off Shoulder Armor Vest
Show Piece Gown with Jacket
High Armor by Frances Renee` Inc.
Bubble Dress High Armour
Brocade Coat SOLD
Silver Little
Bustier/Short Set
Super Model Sonta M
Super Model Sonta M
Red Carpet Two Sided Dress
Navy and Yellow maxi
Navy and yellow Jersy
Elegant Jersey
Shiny Jersey Maxi
Red and Grey Jersey
Red and Grey Jersey Maxi
Maxi Tube dress...Transformable!
Maxi Tube dress as a scarfed dress
Maxi Tube dress!
Tube Gown as a Dress
Tube Gown hooded
Beautiful Browns
Pretty Plus POW!
Black and Yellow Maxi Tube dress
Beautiful Browns
The Designer
PLUS like ME!
White Out!
Angle Wings Shawl!
Lavender Lace!
ENCORE HD Mag release Party!
Hold up sexy!
Graceful Sequin
And the Award goes to....
Pencil it up!
Show that back!
Buy Gold!
Silver Shimmer!
Futuristic Mermaid!
Utterly Red!
Resort Dress 2016
Black Swim Suite High Fashion
Leopard Print Swim Suite 2016
Pink Leopard Print Swim Suite 2016
Silk 2016 Dress
Silk 2016 Dress
Spring/Summer Jersey 2016 Dress
Spring Jersey 2016 T-Shirts
Spring Jersey 2016 T-Shirts
Spring Jersey 2016 T-Shirts
Spring Jersey 2016 T-Shirts
Spring Jersey 2016
Spring Jersey 2016
Spring Jersey Back Out
Spring Jersey
Jersey Shirt
Spring Jersey
Spring Jersey 2016
Crop Top and Floor Pant
Bustier Short Dress
Resort Shorts
Resort Black Lace and Flower Pant
Resort Pant with Houndstooth Jacket
Resort bustier and Pant
Resort casuals horts
Resort casual short
Resort casual shorts
Moleskin Suede Pants Burgandy and Wt
Moleskin Suede Pants White and Blue
Moleskin Suede Pant Tan and Red
Moleskin Suede Tan and Red Suite
Moleskin Suede Blazer Blue
Moleskin Suede Burgandy Blazer
Moleskin Red and Tan Blazer
Moleskin Suede Burgandy and Wt Suite
Moleskin Suede Blue & White Suite
Red Short Sexy!
Red and Black Pant Suite
Red and Black Evening Dress
Faux Leather and Laces pants/shirt
Leather and Laces Jacket and Skirt
Leather and Lace shorts with Jacket
Moleskin Suede Grey jump suite back
Moleskin Suede Grey Jumpsuite
Moleskin Suede Green Jumpsuite
Moleskin Suede Green Jumpsuite
Moleskin Suede Bear Jumpsuite

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Front Fit Collection. $75 for set sizes D, DD, DDD $85 for set sizes F, G, H

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